Dylan the cane corso dog



Cane Corso

3 Years Approx

Brindle Black


Dylan is our big friendly giant Cane Corso is looking for a home that is prepared to give him enough love and attention to match his size. Dylan came to us underweight and with cropped ears, but since improving on his physical health, he is ready for the next step in his journey!

Dylan is a surprisingly gentle and calm dog for his size, has no issue being held by his collar when needed and loves a good fuss in the form of strokes and scratches- even pawing at you for more when you stop.

Dylan settles in well to new surroundings, he often opts to relax in a comfortable spot wherever he goes and is more than happy to enter and exit our kennels even if an occasional treat is needed as he is very eager and enthusiastic about food, to the point that he can snatch on occasion however this can be put down to the emaciated state he was in when he was brought into us. Since arriving at the center, Dylan as reached an ideal weight and is now ready to find his family!

As mentioned before, Dylan is very happy to greet people and loves a good fuss from just about anybody as he is not shy in the slightest, he loves a good groom from a soft bristle brush. Dylan is a very curious and playful dog who is eager to approach any dog he meets, although he may not be respectful of personal space sometimes, he is never aggressive and often listens to any signals the other dog may send his way if they are not comfortable with him! We believe that Dylan could be housed with other dogs aslong as they are friendly and tolerant of Dylans playful nature- just remember Dylan is a very large boy and his new home needs to be prepared to accommodate that!

Dylan likes to play with toys however it is recommended he gets toys of the larger variety as his large head size means it would be very easy for him to swallow smaller toys, he does give up toys on command should there be treats present. Dylan is a very gentle dog but on occasion can become over aroused paw at you or will hump pillows and chairs, so it is ideal to have some treats and toys handy to help distract him from this.

Due to his large size and not knowing his own strength when walking past you, it is recommended that he only goes to a home with children 7+

If you think you can offer Dylan a home them please email info@rspca-preston.org.uk to request an application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.

I get on well with many other dogs

I love having cuddles

I love playing with toys

I could live with children primary school aged

I'm a gentle giant, big and strong

I may be able to live with another dog


Want to adopt this animal?

The centre is open from 11.30-3.30pm everyday except Tuesdays when we are closed to the public.

01772 792 553

Slack Cottage,
Longridge Rd,
Preston PR2 6QL

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