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Pocket Bully




Moon is our beautiful 4-year-old Pocket Bully.
Moon sadly cam back to us due to her previous adopters being unable to care for her no longer, so now we are doing or best to find her a true forever home!
She is a very affectionate and sweet little lady who simply loves spending time with her people. She is happy to sit for fuss and affection for as long as you can manage to carry on!! She loves her afternoon naps in a cosy blanket, and after all she has to catch up on her beauty sleep.
The one thing she loves more than people is her toys, she engages with her nyla bones and rope toys very well. With soft toys and squeaky plastic toys, this is where she can get her self worked up. Impulse control training is helping her improve with being around these toys, as she learns it’s okay to step away and take a minute. She is doing great with this training with tennis balls, and now even drops them for us as she wants them to be thrown! This work is something that will need to be carried on by adopters in the home.
Although Moon really knows how to chill out and take things slow, she of course has her crazy Bully moments where that boisterousness can show, so it’s important her family can manage this in the home whilst training is continued.
In regards to medical conditions, she does have hip dysplasia. She currently has over 50% coverage and in no way des she let it impact her enjoying herself. Because of this and her breed traits, she will require shorter walks. By providing her with those appropriate toys and enrichment that doesn’t get her too excited, she will be very content, and not to forget the cuddles of course!!
Moon is working on her manners around other dogs as she can be a little rude. Adopters will need to work with her at a pace she is comfortable with to develop her social skills further.
Moon is doing well with her basic training. She can sit, she knows her name and her recall is always improving. She walks very nicely on lead.
Due to training needing to be continued in the home, and her excitability / arousal over certain toys and enrichment, Moon is looking for an adult only home where she is to be the only pet.
If you think you could provide Moon with a suitable home, please contact to request a perfect match form.
This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.

I'd prefer to be the only animal in a home

I need help learning to like other dogs

I love playing with toys

I love having cuddles

I know my basic command but would love to learn more


Want to adopt this animal?

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01772 792 553

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