Lola the cane corso dog



Cane Corso

5 Years Approx



**Lola is a large breed dog, she is approximately 40kg**

Lola is a 5 year old Cane Corso.

Lola has been with us over a year awaiting her case to go through the courts. She was thankfully signed over and she is ready to find her perfect home.

Lola’s tail is forever wagging she is so happy to see people she knows and loves a good fuss and a play. She can get over excited at times. We have been working on spotting the signs for when she is getting giddy so that we can help calm her down before she gets too excited.

Lola had suffered mistreatment in her previous home which makes her wary of certain sounds, new environments and new people. Her confidence has come on leaps and bounds since arriving at the centre but new owners will need to be aware that she could regress a little when going into the home and there will still be things she has not experienced in the world.

Lola’s cheeky personality will bring a smile to anyone’s face and there will never be a dull day with her around.

Lola has been dog tested here, although she will tolerate some dogs, she isn’t overly keen on them being around too long. For this reason we feel that Lola will thrive being the only pet in an adult only home.

This assessment is ongoing and behaviours may change.

If you think you can provide the right home for Lola, please contact us for an application form at


At the moment due to the COVID lockdown restrictions we can only re-home to within 1hr of our animal centre in Preston.


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