Treacle the domestic shorthair cat



Domestic Shorthair

7 Months Approx



Treacle is our energetic and playful 7-month-old Tortie kitten.

Treacle is so full of love and energy; she would love to receive fuss and strokes all day long if you were willing to do so!! Not to forget some zoomies around the house too of course. Treacle’s favourite game is to chase a flirt pole, then roll around with it once she has caught it- she has had quite a lot of practice with this!! Her favourite toy of all is a ping pong ball that she can chase until her hearts content. It will be very important for Treacle to have varied toys in the home to help keep her young mind mentally stimulated.

Treacle is your typical kitten who would be on the go all time until she wears herself out. She can be a little stubborn with going back into her pod as she just wants to play and have more room to run around. Having a whole house to run around and explore would just be her dream come true!!

Treacle settles into new environments well once she knows the new place after a short time. When she knows there isn’t anything to worry about she comes straight out for love and attention. Once she has settled in she is often found having a cat nap in her bed or adventuring in her outside pod. Once she notices your around, she will start vocalising for fuss and attention, and how could you resist that face?!?

Treacle is fully litter trained and can use her cat flap to adventure into her outside pod.

Treacle is looking for a forever home where any children are of secondary school age, she could also potentially live with cats and cat savvy dogs who are tolerable of a young and excitable kitten.

If you think you can provide this adorable and fun-loving little girl, then please email to request an application form.

This assessment is ongoing and subject to change.

I may be able to live with a friendly dog

I could live with children secondary school age

I may be able to live with another cat

I need to be able to go outside and explore

I'm full of energy and love to play


Want to adopt this animal?

The centre is open from 11.30-3.30pm everyday except Tuesdays when we are closed to the public.

01772 792 553

Slack Cottage,
Longridge Rd,
Preston PR2 6QL

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